2013 Alimony Reform Bill Sponsors

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Representative Ritch Workman will Sponsor Alimony Reform Bill in the Florida House

Representative Ritch Workman (R-Melbourne) will again be the sponsor of an Alimony Reform bill that is expected to enjoy broad support in the Florida House in 2013. ritch-workman-alimony-reform-bill-sponsor
Representative Workman was first elected to the Florida House in 2008. He is the Chairman of the House Finance and Tax Subcommittee and serves as a member of several other committees as well.
Representative Workman has brought the bill back to the Capital for action in 2013 to finish the work he started last year when HB549 overwhelmingly passed by a nearly 3 to 1 margin.
The new bill number and a link to the legislation will be forthcoming once it has been officially filed.
Click here to visit Rep. Ritch Workman's Florida House of Representatives website page.
Click here to visit Representative Ritch Workman's Facebook profile.

Senator Kelli Stargel will Sponsor Alimony Reform Bill in the Florida Senate

Newly elected State Senator Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland) will be the Sponsor of the 2013 Alimony Reform Bill in the Florida Senate.  kelli-stargel-alimony-reform-bill-sponsor

No stranger to the State Capital, Senator Stargel served the people of District 64 as a Florida State Representative from 2008-2012.

We anticipate that Senator Stargel will see significant interest from her fellow senators on both sides of the aisle in serving as co-sponsors of this important piece of legislation.

The current alimony laws in Florida allow an alimony recipient to go after a new spouse's income should the alimony payer ever choose to remarry. It's called an "alimony modification", and it can be granted since there's now more family income. This effectively results in preventing people from remarrying a new spouse due to the very real threat of the alimony payer being dragged back into court by their former spouse years after the divorce was supposedly settled.

Florida Alimony Reform believes that alimony should work like child support - a fixed amount for a fixed duration. No one fights about child support. Alimony should not be any different. The bill that Senator Stargel is sponsoring will help to end outrageous legal fees and promote fairness for all of Florida's families.

Click here to be directed to Senator Kelli Stargel's Florida Senate website page.

Click here to be directed to Senator Kelli Stargel's Facebook profile.

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  1. The permanent alimony must be stopped once and forever. Permanent alimony is just an abusing one spouse (most of the time hard working) by another (most of the time not wanting to work). The permanent alimony is enabling for lazy people as opposed to the temporary alimony is what actually will encourage people to work.

  2. I feel that justice will be served if/when this reform takes place. As the ‘victim’ of Florida’s unfair alimony practices, I am paying six figure alimony for 8 years, gave half my assets, the house I paid off, and a significant part of my 401k to someone who desired to be with another man, cohabitates with him, and lives a life of luxury while I still go to work every day to support all this. All because I worked for 25+ years to establish my career while she did nothing to improve herself during our 14 year marriage except self-serving activities like ballroom dancing, going to the gym, and shopping.

    Something has to change. This is not right.

  3. I am grateful for this organization. I am in a situation where I am paying life time alimony to a woman who filed for a divorce so she could be with and other man and have me pay for her lifestyle. She is now on man number 4 and just got engaged, however will not get married so she doesn’t lose the alimony. Meanwhile, I am left broke and still trying to help my 3 college age children get their education without bankrupting themselves. She does not help them in any way.
    Currently she earns more than I do, and I still pay her alimony. She just got a $30,000 engagement ring, bought a brand new Lexus, and is enjoying a lifestyle better than we ever had together.
    I see that you have sponsors for both the House and the Senate. My question is: when will they actually be filed? Last year they were filed late October and early November and still they didn’t make it because of delays and what other elected Officials thought was more important.
    I am willing to help in any way I can.

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