Alan Frisher’s new book “Divorcing The System”

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Book Cover Divorcing the System 

If you’re thinking about joining Family Law Reform, or you’re already a member, you’ll want to know how FLR got started as an organization and how it’s battled for the past three years to try to win real alimony reform in Florida.  Find out what’s in store in 2014!

Divorcing the System is the gripping story of how one man's unforeseen, acrimonious divorce enabled him to lead others on a march to Tallahassee to fight for all Floridians' rights, from working with lobbyists, to canvassing legislators, and even dealing with the Florida Bar. A must-read for any person who wants a behind-the-scenes tour into the history and future of alimony reform in Florida, and possibly the entire nation.

Order Now!  $19.95 (plus tx, and $3.95 shipping).  E-book is now also available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, and

10% of sales will go back as a donation to Family Law Reform.


Books will be shipped by the end of August.


Click here for more information about Alan Frisher and alimony reform.


Here are some quotes about the book:


It was an honest portrayal of a guy trying to make a difference in a system seen by most as outdated and self-serving. While the battle is not yet over, Alan Frisher has taken up the cause of Family Law Reform in a well written, accurate journal documenting the personal pain and experiences he has endured along the way.

~~Alan Elkins, Esq. Family Law Attorney


Alan's realistic and pragmatic take on the judicial system of divorce reveals how dysfunctional and antiquated our family divorce system has become and how it allows for an entitlement attitude for the recipient of alimony at the financial and emotional expense of the bread winner.  Learn from his experience and expertise to protect yourself from litigation before it's too late.

~~Scott Martin, CFP, CDFA, and Author of Design Your Divorce


A must read for anyone in the family law system, whether participant, bystander, advocate, or Judge.  Alan Frisher’s account of his personal experience in family court and his tremendous efforts to change laws to protect others from his experience is detailed and moving.

~~Lori Barkus, Esq. Family Law Attorney

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  1. Isn’t amazing, in a Democratic Society where both houses can
    pass a propose bill (Alimony Reform)and one individual can veto it with a pen stroke. What’s wrong with this picture here? Furthermore I agree with the importance of child support but, when to a couple loin together in a 50/50 relationship that does not work out how does life time alimony fit this situation?

    Rick Scott shame on you….!

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