Alimony Reform Letter by Carin Porras



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By: Carin Porras, Chair, Family Law Section of The Florida Bar
Published Date: 01/25/2013

“Contrary to its name, lifetime or permanent alimony is often not permanent at all. The courts may reduce or terminate a permanent alimony award based upon substantial changes in circumstances including retirement, the existence of a supportive relationship, an increase in the income of a recipient spouse and a reduction in the income of the payor spouse. It also terminates automatically if the recipient spouse remarries or upon the death of either spouse.”  READ MORE…

Note: This was written by Carin Porras in response to the article “Stargel Proposes Alimony Reform Away From Lifetime Payments” Jan. 19, written in The Ledger.


  1. Great Theory…but doesn’t happen in practice within the court system. To much lawyer and judge buddy buddy stuff happening to make the existing laws work the way they should in reality. His response is all theory, give us the case numbers where this has happened without having to spend thousands of dollars. The family law gravy train is drying up… time for Florida no fault laws to catch up with other states.

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