BREAKING NEWS – Governor Scott Vetoes Alimony Reform Bill SB718

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GOVERNOR SCOTT PUTS HALT TO ALIMONY REFORM and Vetoes the Alimony Reform Bill SB718.  It is an understatement to say we are EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!  We will update our website tomorrow once we determine our next step.  


CLICK HERE to view the final language of the Bill


Senator Kelli Stargel - Sponsor of Alimony Reform Bill in the Florida Senate

Newly elected State Senator Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland) is  the Sponsor of the 2013 Alimony Reform Bill in the Florida Senate.

No stranger to the State Capital, Senator Stargel served the people of District 64 as a Florida State Representative from 2008-2012. We anticipate that Senator Stargel will see significant interest from her fellow senators on both sides of the aisle in serving as co-sponsors of this important piece of legislation.

The current alimony laws in Florida allow an alimony recipient to go after a new spouse's income should the alimony payer ever choose to remarry. It's called an "alimony modification", and it can be granted since there's now more family income. This effectively results in preventing people from remarrying a new spouse due to the very real threat of the alimony payer being dragged back into court by their former spouse years after the divorce was supposedly settled.

Florida Alimony Reform believes that alimony should work like child support - a fixed amount for a fixed duration. No one fights about child support. Alimony should not be any different. The bill that Senator Stargel is sponsoring will help to end outrageous legal fees and promote fairness for all of Florida's families.
Once the Senate Bill is filed, we will announce it on our website.

Click here to be directed to Senator Kelli Stargel's Florida Senate website page.

Click here to be directed to Senator Kelli Stargel's Facebook profile.


Representative Ritch Workman - Sponsor of Alimony Reform Bill in the Florida House

Representative Ritch Workman (R-Melbourne) has once again taken the challenge of sponsoring the Alimony Reform bill that is expected to enjoy broad support in the Florida House in 2013.ritch-workman-alimony-reform-bill-sponsor

Representative Workman was first elected to the Florida House in 2008. He is the Chairman of the House Finance and Tax Subcommittee and serves as a member of several other committees as well. Representative Workman has brought the bill back to the Capital for action in 2013 to finish the work he started last year when HB549 overwhelmingly passed by a nearly 3 to 1 margin.

Click here to visit Rep. Ritch Workman's Florida House of Representatives website page.

Click here to visit Representative Ritch Workman's Facebook profile.

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  1. TallyLaLa says:

    Ritch and Kelli, thanks for all your hard work. But PLEASE don’t remove the retroactivity part completely. If the opponents are worried about the 70 or 80 year old women still receiving alimony since the 1950s, well then change the bill to be retroactive to divorces that occurred after a certain year, like 1990 or something like that. You know, a time when women actually began to hold their own. Thanks.

  2. joebrad72 says:

    Furthermore, I am insulted that our Governor would imply in this quote below that anyone WANTS to get divorced and pay alimony.

    Scott recently celebrated his 41st wedding anniversary with his wife, Ann, and cited the milestone as a factor in his deliberations. “I like being married,” Scott said recently. “I want to stay married to my wife.”

  3. joebrad72 says:

    So disappointed in Gov Scott’s decision to cater to Florida lawyers and veto the alimony reform bill. I suppose it came down to him not disappointing his friends.

    So he says – “”The law also ensures that spouses who have sacrificed their careers to raise a family do not suffer financial catastrophe upon divorce, and that the lower-earning spouse and stay-at-home parent will not be financially punished. Floridians have relied on this system post-divorce and planned their lives accordingly.”

    Mr. Governor, we don’t live in the 50s and I don’t know of many June Cleaver’s who are “sacrificing” by choosing not to work and who are being “punished” by having to “stay-at-home”.

    Get real and just tell the truth. The impact this alimony reform would have on the legal profession in Florida would be huge. That’s what you don’t want to change.

    Until we inject reason and rationality into our decision making without tremendous bias from special interest groups and ‘favors’ to supporters, things will not turn around in this country.

  4. tinytanks says:

    we’ll I hope they take it back to the senate and house for a revote.
    The Governor vetoes the bill, and the Senate and the House of Representatives attempt to over-ride the veto, the bill may still become law.
    If less than 26 Senators and less than 51 House members do not vote to over-ride the veto, the bill “dies.“ If a simple majority of both chambers vote to over-ride the veto, the bill becomes law. The bill becomes law at a date specified in the body of the bill. It could be the date of the actual passing or a date at some point in the future.

  5. Stevejustice says:

    Thanks for the kick in the stomach Gov. Rick! Nice to know you really DO NOT believe in liberty and personal responsibility! As a lifelong Republican- you will NEVER get my vote again!!!!

  6. blondie1024 says:

    How terrible that the Governor would sign a bill that personally benefits him, namely the Campaign Finance Bill that raises the current limit for contributions to statewide political candidates from $500 to $3000 (500% increase!), while thumbing his nose at the rest of us hard-working people by ignoring any reasonable lifetime permanent alimony reduction. Smells like a political “you wash my back and I’ll wash yours” deal.

    • blondie1024 says:

      And while I’m at it, I would like to congratulate the Governor on being married for 41 years! He had better pray that he stays married. That means doing exactly what she wants at all times. If either of them decide to bail on the marriage, he will understand and pay for the full effects of permanent alimony!

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