Alimony Reform Act Helps Clients Plan for the Future


By Daily Business Review

Florida's alimony laws were written when women had little economic power, divorce was uncommon and cohabiting was the exception to the rule.

But the economic realities of divorce are changing and with them the need for permanent — until death do you part — alimony.

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Press Release – FAR Fights to Halt Permanent Alimony Payments



Date: August 28, 2012 11:03 ET


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Quote from Release:

Florida Alimony Reform is working hard to change the state's antiquated alimony legislation. To that end, the Tavaras, Fla.-based grassroots organization is conducting Town Hall meetings statewide to educate the public about why change is necessary.


Second wives activist fights lifelong alimony


Sun Sentinel article: Second wives activist fights lifelong alimony
by Donna Gehrke-White


Second Wive's Club leader,  "Debbie Leff Israel, believes in sharing — but not to the point of turning over part of her paycheck to her finance's ex-wife."

"That's why the Weston woman says she has held off marrying her beloved; she just doesn't want to financially support his ex-wife."

"She has become a leader in Florida Alimony Reform, which largely had been made up of men who are paying support to ex-wives for the rest of their lives unless the women remarry. The group unsuccessfully tried to get a bill to end permanent alimony passed during the last legislative session and is now planning to introduce a new one when the Legislature meets next year."


First National Alimony Reform Conference

The first nationwide alimony reform conference was held on Saturday, June 9, 2012. It was sponsored by NJ Alimony Reform ( ) on the campus of Rutgers University. Alan Frisher, Co-Director of Florida Alimony Reform, described his group's reform efforts and ongoing opposition from the Florida Bar Association.

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Here is Alan Frisher's Speech at the Conference: