Boynton Beach Showing of DIVORCE CORP The Movie on April 12 2014

Welcome new and old members alike.  Our organization’s focus is REFORMING CURRENT ALIMONY LAW IN FLORIDA, with an eye on future family law issues. Alliance for Freedom from Alimony Reform, Inc and one of our FLR members, Larry Rutan, have nailed down the exact location and time for the special screening of the movie “Divorce Corp”. Click on the image below to see movie trailer. 
divorce corp the movie narrated by dr drew
It will be shown at the Alco Capital Theatre in Boynton Beach, Fl.   Boynton Beach is about 10 miles South of West Palm Beach.  The date will be Saturday April 12th, ShowTime will be at 4:30.The Alco Capital Theatre is extremely easy to get to.  It sits between I95 and the Florida Turnpike, about one mile from each.  DVDs and Blue Ray copies of the movie for sale at the screening.  Please let all your friends in SE Florida know about the screening. Forward this email to them!

Event:    Screening of the movie Divorce Corp
When:    Saturday, April 12th at 4:30
Where:  Alco Capital Theatre, 9764 S. Military Trail, Boynton Beach, Fl.  33436

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Legislators are not allowed to receive contributions during the legislative sessions. This gives us time to build our contributions to help support legislators for next year who are supportive to alimony reform. If everyone who read our newsletter would support the alimony reform movement financially with whatever you can each month starting now, we will have adequate funds for contributing to legislative campaigns. These investments will do the most good for achieving meaningful alimony reform in 2015! The more funds we have, the more influence we have.

money donations alimony reform

We will not compete with the Family Bar financially. We will compete with them on doing what’s better for Florida’s families. Excessive litigation and permanent alimony are not best for Florida’s families!

To those who are already sending in monthly financial support…THANK YOU – THANK YOU
The amounts we receive on a monthly basis are almost $1,000 a month. As I review the Paypal contributions and deposit the check contributions, I’m thankful for each and every one of you and your willingness to help end Florida’s crazy alimony laws.

To others who are hoping someone else will pay for alimony reform, please think about the consequences of failure. We’ll be paying alimony until we die, our ex-spouse dies, or they re-marry. What’s the chance of each option. It’s time to plan the end of the financial aspect of your previous marriage. Until the financial ties are broken, you will never be completely free.

We’re not going to tell you who to vote for in the election. If Gov. Scott is re-elected, he has indicated he will be supportive of some alimony reform. If Charlie Christ is elected, if he veto’s it, the Republican House & Senate would probably quickly overturn the veto.

Help FLR build a war-chest to prepare for the 2015 Alimony Reform Campaign.

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Or send checks to:

Family Law Reform
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New Life Given to Alimony Reform in Florida

I am thrilled to announce that our members responded to my plea for donations and have helped us out of a situation that could have turned dire indeed.  You have given new life to alimony reform in Florida. The money that was raised will be able to help fund our ongoing expenses for another few months (at least) while we continue working our way through this legislative session.


As an important example, we now have the funding to attendthe Press Corp’s skit night in Tallahassee (in March).  This is an invitation only function that all of the legislators (including the Governor) attend each year.  Your VP, Terry Power and I were lucky enough to be able to attend it last year and we were able to educate numerous legislators about the cause.  This year, because of your donations, we can actually afford to sponsor a table for certain, key legislators and/or their staff.  We believe that this opportunity will not only help us preserve the respect and admiration we have from our legislators, but will also allow us to continue our outreach so that as many legislators as possible are informed of our cause.

Alan Frisher


PS - Your continued donations are needed. Please sign up for a monthly recurring donation by going to the following link:

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Florida Alimony Reform
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Florida Alimony Reform Petition gets 10,000 plus signatures

Our Alimony Reform petition to Governor Rick Scott to support fixing our outdated Permanent Alimony laws hit a major milestone today as we reached 10,000 signatures.  Thank you for your support!!!!


We continue to be amazed and humbled by your commitment and involvement to this important cause, especially as we look at the divorce attorney lobby-sponsored petition that is stuck at less than 3,000 signers.

With at least 5,000 divorce attorneys in Florida, the Family Law Section can’t even get all of their own members to commit to support our outdated laws! We sincerely appreciate the large number of attorneys who have signed our petition, and we thank them for their confidence in our efforts!

Please continue to support this tremendous bipartisan, gender-neutral effort to finally expose the unfair practices that occur in Family Court that impact tens of thousands of Florida families each year.

Together we will make this happen and help to insure that our children will never suffer as we have at the hands of a broken system that is played by predatory litigating divorce attorneys for their own financial benefit.

Thank you for your continued support! We are fired up and excited about the upcoming legislative session! Please go here and donate what you can to help us make alimony reform a reality in 2014-2015!

If you have not signed the petition for laimony reform for, please go and sign it NOW.