Educational Documents for Press & Legislators

Below you will find links to educational documents that we suggest that you download to educate yourself and others about the Florida alimony laws and our efforts to reform the laws.  These are also excellent educational documents to give to legislators, friends and family.

The 2013-2014 Alimony Reform Bill is currently undergoing Drafting – as soon as it’s filed we will post it here.


A One Page Handout Explaining Florida Alimony Law and Who We Are


The 5 Key Points of Alimony Reform in Florida 2013


Alimony Reform in the Media


What’s Wrong with Florida Alimony Laws?


Florida Alimony Horror Stories


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions By Legislators About Alimony Reform


The 2011 Florida Alimony Statute and Our Views


2011 Huffington Post Article – Alimony Reform Sweeps the Nation


Attorney Blog Notes and Comments


One-Sheet-Flyer for Do Not Get Divorced in Florida