Press Release – FAR Fights to Halt Permanent Alimony Payments



Date: August 28, 2012 11:03 ET


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Quote from Release:

Florida Alimony Reform is working hard to change the state’s antiquated alimony legislation. To that end, the Tavaras, Fla.-based grassroots organization is conducting Town Hall meetings statewide to educate the public about why change is necessary.



  1. With fairness in mind lifetime alimony is just wrong. After a divorce each spouse must be able to move on; for one spouse to be expected to pay for an ex-spouse for a lifetime seems outrages and very unfair, and everbody knows it. Florida has a no fault divorce laws it seems like they would understand that people do get divorced whether they want to or not. Seems only right if a judge is going to award Alimony it should be for a limited set time. Childless marriages, second, third marriage forget about it; Alimony was never intended for those instances.

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