How To Upload A Video to FAR


Here’s how you can send us a video that you have created related to your alimony situation.  By sending us a video, you give us permission to use that video on our YouTube Channel and on our websites and you authorize us to share the video on the internet. FAR must review and approve all videos sent to us. FAR reserves the right to not show or display any video sent to us for any reason.


Step 1: Create free account on CX.COM


Step 2:  Click here to Download the Video Release Form

  • Download the Form, sign it, scan it or take a picture of it
  • We must receive your signed form before we can post the video online.

Step 3: Upload Video and Release Form to CX.COM

  • Login to CX and navigate to the Files page.
  • Click Upload Files.
  • In the file uploader window, add files to your upload queue:
    • Click Select files for upload. Then select the file you want to upload to your CX account.
    • You can also drag and drop multiple files into the file upload window.
  • Click Upload files to begin uploading

 Step 4:  Share Your Video and Release Form with FAR

  • Login to CX and go to Files.
  • Locate the file you wish to share and click more actions.
  • Click Share… from the drop down menu. The sharing window will pop up.
  • Add the email address and click Add
  • Type an optional personal message.
  • Click Send.

Guidelines for the Video:

  • Keep the video length under 5 minutes.
  • Include an Introduction with  your name, county where you got divorced, year of divorce, ages of parties at time of divorce, and your age now.
  • Mention how long and how much ( amount is optional) you have been paying permanent alimony.
  • Mention why you believe permanent alimony is unfair to you and your children and/or current family.
  • State the facts of your situation and do not state hearsay (she said/he said).
  • Be respectful, do not use profanity, and focus on the “why permanent alimony is unfair” and do NOT bash attorneys, the ex-wife or the judges.