Video Introduction to FAR by Alan Frisher

In the video below, FAR spokesman and co-director Alan Frisher explains the organization’s mission and primary goals. Florida Alimony Reform wants to change Florida’s alimony laws so that they are fair to both genders.


  1. Thank you Alan for your video explaining our mission. We are not anti alimony. We just ask that alimony be fair to all parties of divorce. When a payee has to pay into retirement and until death, that is a serious detriment to the payer.

    • It may be a serious detriment to the payer but what about the spouse who was forced into divorce because the other person couldn’t keep their pants zipped? I never would have divorced my husband of 19 years if not for his constant cheating, one of those being his AUNT in 2009. Be fair about the reform. take away the no-fault divorce and if a person can PROVE adultery then they should be compensated in FULL. Why should I struggle because of the messy bed he sleeps in.