ACT NOW and sign online petition to sign Florida Alimony Reform Bill

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PLEASE ACT NOW and sign this online petition to have Governor Rick Scott Sign Florida's Alimony Reform Bill.

We have created this petition asking the Governor to sign the Alimony Reform Bill once it passes the Florida House Floor. You can sign this in less than 2 minutes on your computer, phone, or tablet. This is Florida Family Law's response to the Family Law Section's leader (see her email below) who has now initiating a last minute desperate campaign asking the Governor to veto the Bill. Please SIGN AND SHARE and TELL all your friends and family members to sign it.

Below are parts of an email sent by the FLS leader telling its 3500+ attorneys to sign a petition to have the Governor VETO the Bill:

"Dear Family Law Section Members,
Be aware! Senate Bill 718 passed the Senate on Thursday, April 4, 2013. It will definitely pass the House AND THE GOVERNOR WILL SIGN IT UNLESS WE ALL MOBILIZE TO STOP IT!!!....We have created a petition that you, your friends, your colleagues, your acquaintances, and your clients can all sign for us to send to the Governor. Please download the petition, print it, and gather as many signatures as you can. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS EMAIL. THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE. If you agree with the Executive Council of the Family Law Section that a presumption of equal timesharing in every case is bad for Florida’s families, and that the drastic rewriting of Florida’s alimony laws AND retroactive application is just plain WRONG, please share this link with your colleagues, forensic accountants, mental health professionals, judges, mediators, clients, friends, and others who will be negatively impacted by this legislation. LET’S WORK TOGETHER TO STOP THIS BILL! THANK YOU!! Carin Porras, Chair, Family Law Section "

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  1. donintampabay says:

    Copy of what I sent the Gov and the Reps in the House.
    Honorably Representative.

    I want to again reiterate how important it is that you cast a ”yes” vote for Alimony Reform Bill, SB 718.

    I have been informed that some of the Bar Associations have sent their high paid Lobbyist to try and stop the bill by making false statements, half truths and scar tactics. Please do not be swayed by them. This reform bill is for the benefit of the average citizen and corrects a long over do injustice. The only people to benefit from this bill failing are the lawyers who will continue to make exorbitant sums of money aruging the ambuguites in the current law at the expense of the little guy. What is fair about that.

    As a 19 year victim of the inequities in the current Florida alimony statutes I urge you to vote FOR Alimony Reform Bill, SB 718. My former wife now earns more annual income than I do, has more assets than I do and I am now retired at the age of 66 and can not get a judge to modify the alimony. This has gone on for over ten years. What is fair about that?

    I have never argued that my former wife was not entitled to alimony. What I have argued is the amount is not equitable and the requirements imposed on me to modify it are grossly unfair. I have paid alimony for 19 years. In 5 more years I will have been paying her alimony longer than I was married to her. What is fair about that?

    Again, I urge you to vote FOR Alimony Reform Bill, SB 718.

    Don Cudney
    1620 Polo Club DR
    Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

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